Man’s Law -vs- God’s Law

One of the most common ways that God teaches me about the truths of His word comes through the mouths of my children. I know family knows this and probably anybody who has had a daughter that is the oldest of the siblings knows this, but my daughter tends to be bossy and take control of all situations.

So today, like normal, I was getting ready to take a shower and before I did I gave my children warning on the kind of behavior I expected from them while I had my shower time. I reminded them to play nice, no fighting, and not to play in the closet; things of that nature. I also reminded them that when I come out of the shower we will get ready to go to the park. To which my daughter replied, “Ok, if we listen we can go to the park…if we don’t listen we cannot go to the park with you. So I will listen.” I told her that sounded like a great idea and I continued to go for my shower. While showering it hit me.

My daughter put a restriction on herself!!! I did not threaten her, she threatened herself!! Why would she do that? Then I got to thinking. I wonder how many laws of the Bible we have placed on ourselves…I mean Jesus was a lawbreaker!!! Remember? He broke many of man’s laws while keeping ALL THE LAWS of God.

Man’s law may or may not have good intentions. Was my daughter making her own law just to be “in charge” or was she making the law because she seriously desired to do what was right by me?

Because I feel God is speaking this message to me I’m going to now approach the Bible in this manner (at least regarding the laws of the OT). What was their intentions when making those laws? We’re the laws truly inspired by God, or were they laws that God allowed them to write in just because it did not hurt his cause? I just keep thinking that God sees the bigger picture.

If my daughter would have made a law that contradicted my cause this would have been a different story. And many of times in the Bible Jesus does condemn those who practice customs that do not bring glory to God. Idol worshiping being one of the biggest!!

So when I hear fellow Christians preaching about obeying ALL the laws of the bible and taking each one seriously or we are hell doomed my initial reaction is to reject it. This will be an ongoing research project for me. I do believe that the Bible is God inspired truth, and I do believe that God allowed men to write things such as women must not wear this or that…and the like, but my question is…how does it fit in to our world now? Could it be that God doesn’t necessarily care if we follow all man’s rules; He just needs us to follow all of His!!




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