Chrisitanity is a Religion and so much MORE!!!

1. What is the definition of Religion?

– a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs

Am I religious? Yes! By this definition, Christianity is a religion!!! Why is this even an issue? Well, many, many, Christians get hung up on the “I hate religion, but love Jesus” line. I understand what they are saying in theory, but unfortunately I do not believe it is appropriate to separate Christianity and religion (it makes us look dumb). What I do believe is Christianity is so much more than religion!!! To me that is an accurate statement. Our devotion to Jesus Christ and our rituals such as prayer, Sunday morning worships, bible studies, and fasting (just to name a few) along with the Bible which guides our conduct in life make what we call Christianity our religion.

Why is Christianity more than just religion?

This answer is so specially unique to the religion of Christianity that we love to point it out, embrace it, and claim it to be superior to the religious aspect of Christianity (which it certainly is). Christianity is more than just a religion because it is a working RELATIONSHIP with our Father, our Creator, our Redeemer, and the one and only God. We have a relationship with God that no other religion claims to have. Why? Because we believe in Jesus Christ!! You see, before Jesus was sent to earth man had a very different relationship with God (well besides Adam and Eve). God only spoke to a few, he was “untouchable” if you will…He reached out to his people, but they could not reach Him except through the practice of religion; in the temples, with the high priests, through burnt offerings (you get the picture). Since Jesus came to Earth, died on the cross, and rose again to be with God the Father in heaven he sent down the Holy Spirit to live within each one of us so that we may have a working relationship with God. I will explain this all in detail sometime real soon, but if you’ve never heard this before please try to hang in there with me! In everyone of us through the Holy Spirit we have the power to pray and call out God’s name and be heard!!! How awesome is that!! We matter to God. Every single one of us.

Let me end with this…for now,

Religion (Self Effort, Works)

Goal: reach out to God, try to work your way into heaven

Means: diligent service & works, with hopes of a reward (heaven)

Power: good, honest effort through self-determination

Control: self-motivation and self control

Results: apathy, failure, chronic guilt, eternal separation from God

Salvation Through Faith In Jesus Christ (Personal Relationship)

Goal: trust fully in Jesus, then live to please Him

Means: confess sins, repent, yield self to Jesus

Power: the Holy Spirit does God’s work in and through us

Control: allow the Holy Spirit to control & direct our lives

Results: love, joy, peace, freedom, power eternal life in heaven,…

You can have religion without relationship, and many of Christians do. These are the Christians that Atheists talk of when they are talking of those who have started wars and done horrible things in the name of Christ. Religion will always fail you if left alone!! That is why as Christians we believe in something more than religion. Something that cannot fail! That is the relationship we have with Jesus Christ our Lord! Amen!!

Even though this guy claims to “hate” religion (which I don’t agree with) I still got so much from his message. We don’t have to “hate” religion to realize it’s just one small aspect to Christianity. Enjoy this video…I did!!


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